Peace is like an oasis in the desert in this boat of shame

What if I wasn’t fat? I would be a diva full of fame 

I hate her my mom all she said was you fat and lazy

Ever since I was fine five, work work work til am dizzy
An ant I became what a fool? Just to prove a point 

All she muscled was her throat to me always a twit

Turning and twisting til the sun descends her bed cries

Forced to bear no word to dad like fat my toungue fries
Home became my new hell hole a servant I suited  

Insults to me always a tithe on trend you a mistake she shouts

Our siblings regal my job to uphold my body sweat always bled 

Useless and worthless my lable my doings always in doubts 
13 now my cousin my mentor and biggest submarine 

Convinced dad a boarding school my awaited Heavens Gate

A dummy I was an easy pick a blank bin for all to dine 

Abused I was pig my eponym now sure bullying is my fate
All in the name of fun,to my soul a tormenting thorn

I hate every aspect of my nature dusk til dawn

A knife my catalyst to crossover to home am tempted

A ghost I became to freedom my melody I bolted

Cobblepot_the poet



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